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cover: PedacitosIt was a brief time, somewhere between 1989 & 1992 when the Four Hispanic Women were alive and well. Dozens of creative garage-pop instrumental ditties each envisioned, assembled and recorded in a single evening. Many recorded in the barn in Trabuco Canyon with friends standing up to lend a lyric here or a riff there. The best gems are already available on GBF’s “Lizard Tails” and the 4hw compilation “Colección.” But Grandma, bless her heart,  dug up a few more cassette-classic “bits” from her dusty old basement.

1. The Developer (instrumental)
2. Points of Interest
3. Off to Trannsylvania
4. Clubhouse Three
5. Bodies of Victims (instrumental)
6. Black-footed Albatross (instrumental)
7. Apt to Forget
8. 9th and Alvarado (instrumental)

zip file of all songs above

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Wow, it’s been 30 years!

On April 23rd, 1983 Grandpa’s Become a Fungus was born. It all started with a 3 song demo sent to Ralph Records. “Experiments With Warm Jello” was the lead track and a defaced photo of Roxy Music was our cover art. Thirty years later we look back at the good times, the angry neighbors and several discussions with the local authorities. We never released much, but what is out, the world is that much weirder for it!

As a small token of appreciation to this planet’s inhabitants, Grandma is proud to release her private reserve of misfits and treasures. Basically, rejects from Lizard Tails and Bubblegum Snails. But hey, you get what you pay for don’t you? (more…)

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Gilman Street Warehouse

“Cow, a cattle – a female cattle!”

The famous Berkeley venue known for it’s unique choice of entertainment. Grandpa’s fit in particularly well there. Enjoy this classic Fungus concert in it’s entirety taped from the sound board. You can download each song individually or a Zipped version of all ten MP3 files.

Entire Concert (55MB .ZIP file)
Jim’s Sermon 1:38
Funny Dog 2:12
Never learned to fly a kite 2:48
Hunting in the Graveyard 3:22
Marvin the Mouse 3:13
Season of the Hunted 5:58
Bossy 2:49
A Song for Euell Gibbons 3:43
Hey Helen! 3:37
O’ Death Muffin 2:02

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