SAD Jukebox

You young whipper-snappers don’t remember the jukebox, but in my day it was the bees-knees!
These aren’t piddly, minute-long versions but the whole song. Play, listen and enjoy.


 In my day we used to buy our records, that’s right, RECORDS! You lil shits nowadays just steal everything. You and your rappy music and your Britney Mileys, what junk!
Alan the Leper
Alan the Leper

GBF’s quasi-conceptual masterpiece “The Many Adventure of Alan the Leper” is again available for download from iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

Four Hispanic Women

Is it Post-Wave, Classic Lowfi, or Experimental Garage-Pop? Enjoy a time forgotten. A noisy, catchy, clunky assortment of 33 audial gems for the analogue at heart!.

The Next Meal

This near instrumental Grandpa solo project offers some crazy flavours to choose from. An Amazon only release.

Fungus Rarities

A 25-song Fungus rarities “Lizard Tales & Bubblegum Snails.” That’s right, we said 25 songs! In these troubled times isn’t it nice that somebody is looking out for you?

The Story of Alan the Leper

“Hey kids let me tell you a story, I gotta worn you the details are gory.”


 The fine apparel you’ve come to expect from us. Now with over a dozen designs to choose from. Just click on a shirt Dummy, you’ll see there’s more than eight.


Admit it, you came for the videos, didn’t you?!

Driver’s Seat

Beastiality, a steamy shower-scene and vehicular manslaughter. Yet another fine video project from the boys of GBF.

Song for Euell Gibbons

Who knows, maybe Jesus did fight Godzilla for our mortal souls? And who knows, maybe he did serve Grapenuts at the last supper? Could have, I guess we’ll never know.


A masterpiece by Mr. Fisch himself. Scouring the Youtubes and gathering up all the footage he could get his hands on. He’s made one entertaining flick.